Terms Of Use

For General Use

  • Please, Don’t claim as your own or re-upload any of my creations to others websites or foruns. 
  • If you want to share it in tumblr please reblog my original post in tumblr.
  • If you want to share it in your blog, please give credits and link back to my blog. 
  • Most of my cc are available in sims3pack format, don't ask for package format. When packages format is available it will be included in the post and download link. 

For CC Creators

  • You can use my mesh, but give always credits to me
  • For the meshs that aren't mine (you use it to create your cc), but, please, see in the description of the cc the original creator (I always give credits, so you should also).
  • You can not use my textures or prints (any cc that is not recolorable)
  • You can use my textures when the cc is full recolorable.
  • You can not convert any of my cc to others game (mesh, textures or prints). I only create to sims 3.

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Hi! I'm a Young Woman from Portugal. I'm playing sims since 2002 (I play all the 3 versions.) Now I only play sims 3. I share my creations since the start of sims 3 (1st on the oficial community site and now in tumblr and in this blog). I always loved fashion and therefore decided to start making some clothes for my sims, then I decided to share it with everyone. So, in this blog you can find all the cc I've create so far.