Céline Basic T-shirt

Céline Basic T-shirt - [laudestudio] 

Inspired by the real T-shirt from Céline Paris.

New basic T-shirts, full recolourable for your sims. You can use the basic colours (white/black) or play with different colours or patterns. It’s up to you. 
Full Recolourable, with 2 versions, 1st with 1 channel and typo in black, the 2nd with 2 channels - one on the typo and the other on t-shirt.
Available For: Female - YA/Adult;
Available For: Everyday, Formal, Athletic, and Outerwear.
Only Sims3pack format available.
Original T-shirt mesh by Cbon73.
New Edited Mesh by me (laudestudio).
Don’t claim as your own or re-upload.

Lookbook Info:

Lília Jeans | Shoes | Ring |

Brie Jacket | Skirt | Shoes 

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