'Sabrina Inspired Sims'

'Sabrina Inspired Sims' - [laudestudio]

6 new sims and 1 cat // 4 Teen Sims // 2 Female YA Sims // 1 Male Cat

Traits, Likes and Outfits All include.
Sims available in Sim. format (individual)
You can also download it as household, but that one is in Sims3packformat.
You can age the teens, change the name and add to your family.
Don’t claim them as your own, don’t use them as a base, you can use them to play with genetic with other sim - to create a new sim.
Don’t Re-Upload them. 
Thank you to all the cc creators that I use in those sims (See the list in the end of the post)
Skin, you can use the ones you like, but if you want them to look like that you should use this skin, from brnt.
Make-up and Clothes include.
Hairs (to update later)
After the download you can choose the ones you want in your game.

Sims inspired by the characters from the animation/cartoon “Sabrina: The Animated Series”. This was one of my favorites from my childhood and pre-teen area. Why did I decided to do it? The other day i was seeing what was doing in tv and I came across with an episode of the series and i start think why i like it so must… That’s way i decided to do it into sims. I didn’t want to create the sims just like in the cartoons, so i make them like they could be in nowadays, teenagers with a coo style. 

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here one poster of the serie:
Yes, I didn’t include the uncle. 

The Skin is the same for all (see in the description above^^)

Hilda: Hair | Necklace | Dress Casual Look | Shoes Dress Formal Look | Pattern Shoes T-shirt from Sportswear Look not available | Bikini Pattern Jacket with Top | Jeans | Shoes |  

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